Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Writing News

Talented Irish writer, Alison Wells, is launching her novel 'Housewife with a Half-Life' today.
A great title and book cover! Check out her blog here for details.
Wishing her great success with it!

Some little bits of new from myself:

My first chapter from 'The Irish Poet' will be featured on the Novelicious blog this week on Thursday 10th May. if you fancy a read, comments are welcomed.

Voting for your favourite entry is on June 5th, I will post the link closer to the date if anyone wishes to vote, thanks.

My short story 'Message in a Powers bottle' was included on the longlist for the Irish Times Powers Short Story Competition at the weekend.
The link is here if you have a few minutes to spare and wish to have a read of it.
Best of luck to all the other short story writers who were featured !!


Words A Day said...

Morning Brigid! Thats such brilliant news! I cant wait to read The Irish Poet, its a wonderful achievement, well done!:) Fingers crossed for the Powers too:) All good news and so well deserved x

jane.healy said...

Really delighted for you Brigid. I just zipped over but realise it will take a little longer than my lunch break allows so will check at home this evening.

Brigid said...

Thanks Niamh, it's nice to even get a mention sometimes:)

Thanks, Jane, I hope you enjoy it:)

Old Kitty said...

Hooorah for Alison Wells!!!

and big YAY for you Brigid! I can't wait to read your first chapter!!!! Hooorah!! Take care

Theresa Milstein said...

Good luck to AB Wells.

5/10 is so close!!!

Brigid said...

Thanks Old Kitty:)

Thanks Theresa, it is getting close:)

The Bug said...

OK, I'm putting Thursday on my electronic task list (I know I won't remember two days from now).

I just read the message in a bottle story - and of course I love it. And, as usual, I would like more of the story please - ha!

Brigid said...

Thanks, The Bug, your support as usual is appreciated:)

Mari G said...

Well done, Brigid. I spotted your name on the list when I checked the link on Saturday...lovely story. Hope you do well.
Also, will read your first chapter on Thurs...you are successful & busy, good for you!

Alison Wells said...

Thanks for the mention Brigid and congrats on getting to the shortlist of my 42 word flash fiction contest as well as the Powers comp. You have tremendous skill in evoking a story in just a few words. I'll have a read of your story tomorrow as I am banjaxed after my launch day. All the best!

Brigid said...

Thanks Mari, I hope your own writing is going well:)

Alison, thanks for that. I hope you had a great launch day, hope you got some rest:)

Martin said...

I'll be reading, and voting!

Brigid said...

Thanks, Martin, I appreciate it:)