Friday, December 2, 2011

'Some Poems' by Kate Dempsey

If you are looking for small but perfectly formed Christmas gifts this year, check out The Moth Magazine who have published a series of beautiful, miniature poetry books.

I received a few copies of Kate Dempsey's 'Some Poems' in the post today.
It is a beautiful little poetry book.

I have read two of the poems so far.
'It's what you put into it' - a particularly appropriate seasonal poem, especiallly for us parents who wait excitedly for our children's glue and tinsel gifts at Christmas and

'What to do with my ashes', which should be read at everyone's funeral.

Release me over the river, into the trees,
up to the wide blue sky, and say goodbye

Well done, Kate, I look forward to reading the rest of the book.

Other poets in the series are: Dermot Healy, Ted McCarthy and Ciaran O'Rourke.

The books are 4 euro or 4 pounds with free postage worldwide.

Thanks, Kate, for all your invaluable posts!